Dog Bites

Experience Dog Bite Lawyer

I have handled many dog bite attacks and know how this can be such an awful and painful experience, that could affect you form many years. Physical and fear related problems are quite common. If your child or you has been hurt by a dog you can get immediate help from my office. I will come to you personally at your home, work or office or meet you in my LA or OC office and help you arrange the medical assistance and compensation you deserve.

What Can I do immediately?

•Keep yourself safe first and foremost and See a Dr. Right Away. Dog bites can cause scarring and infections, as well as many other problems If the bite is bite is bad and you or a loved one are in immediate severe pain, call an ambulance or go to an ER as quickly as possible.

•Let the County Animal Control Know Report the dog bite to them, local police or sheriff’s department. Provide information about the dog, including the owner’s name and address. If the dog was a alone let them know what the dog looked like animal’s appearance and where the attack took place.

•Take Pictures of the Injuries. Once you are in a safe place after the attack, take pics of all visible injuries, including any areas of bruising and open wounds. Also, take photos of any damage to your clothes. If it can be safely done take pictures of the animal and of the area where the Bites took place.

•Contact my office at your earliest convenience. Attorney Charles Rossman (800) 7 INJURED/ 746 5873 (562) 267 7777

•Don’t talk with the Insurance Company, give a statement or sign anything until after we have spoken