Car Accidents

I am Attorney Charles Rossman, I have been handling Auto Injury claims for over 30 years if you or a family member have been injured in an Accident I will personally come to you at your home, office or Hospital Bed, I can also see you at my Orange or LA County Office at your convenience. I am an experience fighter for Injured people’s rights and my firm has a long, proven record of helping victims of injury getting d maximum money in pocket. I am here to take your case, fight for you, and help you get the money you are due. If you are in need of an auto accident attorney, please contact me directly at (800) 7 INJURED (800) 746 5873 today to be put in touch with me the same day.

I handle Auto, Pedestrian, Motorcyle, Big Rig Accidents.

How I will Help You

car wreck

No matter where you were when your accident occurred, I will analyze your case and can help you get the compensation you deserve to make the best recovery possible. I and my staff personally investigate and identify all contributing factors. We use this information to build our case in a way that greatly improves the likelihood of a successful outcome. Let’s face it without an experienced Auto Attorney on your side you will be subject to the whim of the Insurance Companies Adjusters. I will work my hardest to make sure you are safe from the dirty tactics of these companies and are much more likely to get the money you deserve.

I would like to come meet with you at a place you are comfortable, your home, work, office or in my office. I have 2 offices one in LA and one in OC, I will personally meet with you at NO CHARGE.