Auto Accident Checklist

What To Do In The Event You’re Involved
In An Automobile Accident:

1. Call the police, Report any injuries no matter how minor they may appear.
2. Exchange driver’s license numbers, addresses, telephone numbers, car registration, and insurance information of any involved parties.
3. Obtain the names, addresses and telephone numbers of any and all, Witnesses. Write down license plate numbers of possible witnesses who do not stop.
4. INSIST that the Police take a Written report.
5. Seek out or arrange prompt medical care.
6. Make no statements about the accident until you’ve talked to an attorney.
7. Take pictures of your injuries, the accident scene and the damage to your vehicle.
8. Keep a diary of your pain, doctor’s visits, lost time from work and lost earnings.
9. DO NOT sign any releases or settle with anyone until you’ve consulted an attorney.

From California: 1.800.7.INJURED
Direct: 562.267.7777 and 909.621.1997